PG Soft™ has recently launched a Sichuan hotpot inspired slot game “Hotpot”. The game was designed to have rich and exquisite animation and designs combined with lively sound effects and mouth-watering authentic hotpot ingredients. Players will be able to experience and immerse themselves in the relaxing and leisurely lifestyle of the Sichuan hotpot culture.

“Hotpot” is a 9 single-reels slot game that combines elements of the Sichuan hotpot and 3 levels of jackpot prizes. The game will begin with a 9-grid version of a hotpot in Sichuan, with different ingredients will appearing in each grid. Players will be rewarded when three or more of the same ingredients appear in the pot.

“Hotpot” also features 3 levels of jackpot prizes: Smokin’ Hot, Flamin’ Hot and Ultra Hot. Random chilli symbols will appear throughout the game to bring you extra surprises! Chilli symbols that appear in the hotpot will be collected in the progress bar of the jackpot. Players will be rewarded with the corresponding jackpot prizes based on the amount of chilli symbols collected.

Representing one of China’s most famous dishes, the Sichuan hotpot was first conceived from an old river dock in Sichuan. The flavourful experience brought by the hotpot, combined with an atmosphere of “kinship, understanding, sharing, and fun” from around the table, has perfectly showcased the unity and harmony of the taste that has been cultivated in the Chinese cuisine.

“Hotpot” was created by the PG Soft™’s elite team in the hopes that it will allow players from all around the world to have fun experiencing the hot and cheerful atmosphere of the hotpot table.

This game supported platforms includes: iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and Web HTML5.